Binary Surfaces


Binary surfaces is a collection of two fabrics for interior use; Unum and Nihil.

Unum is a three dimensional fabric with two layers. By combining fiber optics and more traditional textile materials in a double weave, Malin created a voluminous fabric that is double-sided. The light is partially hidden in the pattern and sieved through the textile. It is designed to hang in the middle of a room without having a clear wrong or right side, as a hanging room divider. The light sources are integrated into a hem along one side of the fabric.

Nihil is a textile designed for upholstery. When the light sources is turned of and fabric is dark, different color fields and structures are shown, when the light sources or switched on and textile is lit it reveals a different pattern image based on areas of various brightness. Nihil is displayed on a cylinder-shaped pouf with integrated light sources.

Hi-Resolution Photographs:
Binary Surfaces on Flickr