andetag [ˈanːdetaːɡ]

From ande (en. spirit) +‎ tag (en. take).

Swedish noun.

  1. breath, an inhalation and exhalation of air from the lungs.


Andetag is a visual manifestation of a deep breath, inviting people around the world to breathe in unison. The artworks are sculpted from custom woven textiles, animated with light to illustrate the flow of air through the lungs. The animation allows the viewer to synchronize their breath with the artwork. Every piece is synchronized via the internet to every other, a global rhythm, gathering the world in one collective breath.

Malin Tadaa’s unique textile art emanates colors in hypnotizing patterns, leading the viewers to unconsciously connect their bodies with the art. The rhythm and flow of the breath is created from a sample of the artist’s own breathing. It changes slowly over time, using an algorithm based on the motion of the solar system, constantly changing, never repeating.

The first edition will contain 50 artworks and will begin its release in Q1 2024.

The standard sizes are 110x90 and 90x110 cm. A few of the pieces will be made as diptychs (twice the size).

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This series is in production. No artworks are currently available for sale directly from the artist. Please sign up here, and we will notify you when there is an piece available for your consideration.

Pricing starts at $26,000 USD.

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