Imbued with Love

Imbued with Love is the first piece in the Imbued collection. It honors passionate love, infatuation, the kind of love you project onto others. The pattern is based on a knitting made by Malin's mother, for her granddaughter.

The 99 photographic NFTs invite their owners to a Love meditation, where they get to dedicate their love, through words on the blockchain. The physical art piece uses these words of love to generate the patterns flowing through the fabric.

Medium: Custom woven optical fiber fabric. Woven by the artist at Ekelund Weavers in Horred, Sweden. Made with a cotton warp and optical fiber, cotton and shrinking yarn in the weft. 150 addressable LEDs, controlled by a ESP32 microcontroller. Wooden frame.

Dimensions: 110 x 90 cm (3.5 x 3 ft)

Additional information: Sold to a private collector. Available for loan.

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Can the blockchain be used to store emotions?

Each owner of an Imbued artwork, along with 99 NFT holders, may imbue the art with their own interpretation of love, which will be permanently stored on the blockchain.

From there it will affect the visual appearance of the artwork, not only for the current owner, but for every owner thereafter. Digital and physical threads create timeless tokens of emotion, from the memories of each caretaker.

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