Marble in a Moment


Textile crafts often have a big measure of patience behind them.

The opposite is direct, a captured moment through a camera lens.

In this series of two hand tufted pieces the variable of time was explored. Can a moment be captured with the same speed and accuracy as a photo, but in another way?

In this project the moment was captured by marble paint, which was allowed to move freely in water to become a picture of a second.

The picture was then translated in to a hand tufted surface implemented with optical fiber connected to LEDs.

In the end it was given it a certain measure of change. A gentle light that pulses in and out through the optical fibers. A proof that no moment can really be captured.

Technique: hand tuft and programming

Material: wool, optical fiber, RGB LED pixels, microcomputer

Size: approx. 100cm x 110 cm x 10 cm

Selected exhibitions: Fiber space gallery Stockholm, Sweden 2016

Butiken Republiken, Stockholm, Sweden 2017

Year: 2016