Malin Bobeck is a textile designer and artist, 29 years old, based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is educated at The Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, graduating in spring 2014. She was awarded funding from Innovativ Kultur in 2014 to work on her optical fibre textiles.

In December 2015 she was awarded the “Stena A Olssons Kulturstipendium” with the motivation:

“For those who are accustomed to thinking of the woven fabric as something quiet and controlled, the encounter with Malin Bobeck’s work will be bewildering. Her textiles careen, sparkle and switch between different moods. They arouse curiosity and invite us to be tactile. In her still young artistic practice, Malin Bobeck aims to create changing spatial structures in which the latest lighting and interactive technology is combined with handicraft. She is part of a broad movement in craft and design that combines traditional methods with contemporary technology, in an inquiring and inclusive way. Her approach rejuvenates the craft and also creates a new and exciting context for the achievements of engineering science.”


Contact information:

Instagram: @malinbobeck
Phone: +46 73-938 64 57

Photos (more will be posted after Dec 3):